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It would appear that the natural health industry has embraced a new era in personal health as it enters the market of nutraceutical supplements. The term nutraceutical is a portmanteau of "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical" and refers to foods claimed to have a medicinal effect on human health. Such foods are also called functional foods and can also refer to individual chemicals present in common foods.


Recently it was announced by ReGen Therapeutics that it had entered into an exclusive license agreement with Metagenics Inc for the commercialization of ReGen's proline-rich polypeptide complex (PRP), Colostrinin™, as a nutraceutical for humans in North America & Australia (the 'Agreement'). Metagenics will market Colostrinin™ as the active ingredient in its healthy brain aging support formula, CogniSure™ in Northern America & Colostrinin™ in Australia.

The Agreement is conditional on, among other things, the satisfactory completion of toxicology testing on Colostrinin and of due diligence by Metagenics on the Colostrinin™ manufacturing facilities in South Dakota. Subject to satisfactory completion of the conditions of the Agreement and requisite U.S. regulatory filings, it is anticipated launch of CogniSure™ & Colostrinin™ by the end of 2007.

ReGen Therapeutics is a UK listed Biotech company which is developing three business lines—human and veterinary nutraceuticals, prescription pharmaceuticals for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, and a clinical research organization, which oversees Phase I and Phase II both for ReGen and external customers.


ReGen's business strategy is to develop its nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products to a state where they can be licensed out and marketed by a third party. Its only direct sales are currently through its clinical research organization, ReGen's shares are traded on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange plc (RGT) and are quoted on the Pink Sheets of the United States over-the-counter market in the form of American Depositary Receipts.

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