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Clinic Consultations:                                     

Quantum Wellness provides professional Nutritional Clinic Services at our Woodford clinic in NSW. At Quantum Wellness we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals for health, weight loss, stress management, improved performance and wellbeing through nutritional education and motivation and will inspire, guide and support you towards better health and wellbeing.


For further details contact us via our contact us page or call us at our office on (02) 47349010 (Health Fund rebates may apply).


Online Health Survey:


Live in a country area and having trouble getting the right advice with you nutritional & natural health needs. At Quantum Wellness we can give you access is a comprehensive online health survey which has been created by one of Australia's best known manufactures of nutritional health supplements to provide specific suggestions for health and wellness. The survey was created to provide accurate advice about your specific nutritional health needs without second guessing as so often occurs when self subscribing.


By participating in this online health survey you will experience the same level of privacy and confidentiality that you receive with your nutritionist or natural therapist without the need to take precious time out from your busy day. Once the survey is completed, each survey is personally assessed and evaluated by Jeffrey Wilson a registered practitioner in nutrition & natural therapy with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Your recommendations will be sent to you by email.


For further details please contact Quantum Wellness via the contact us page of this web site.


Distant Consultations:        


Imagine having at your finger tips, the services of a qualified Nutritionist and or Natural Therapist after your first consultation with us. Someone you have developed deep rapport with & someone who really cares about your wellbeing. We have such a service where you can discuss those issues that concern you most of all in regards to your health providing you with the necessary diets and program manuals so that your efforts and hard work are successful. This is a part of our commitment to the health & wellbeing of those who do not have access to a practitioner near by.....


For further details contact us via our contact us page or call us at our office on (02) 47349010


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