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Are you looking for a unique Corporate Presenter or Key Note Speaker for your next special event or conference that really makes a difference to how your staff think and feel about themselves at work? What would it be like to experience a presentation that's topical, interesting, motivating and relevant to your business needs as well as the wellbeing and health of your staff? Or could you imagine a training that improves the questioning & communications skills of your staff resulting in deeper rapport with your customers and ultimately more effective results and sales?

At Quantum Wellness & Quantum Evolution we have reputation for providing "Health & Wellness" speakers & "NLP Trainers" that will keep everyone entertained, by combining the latest modern science information with fascinating new insights & tips from the popular field of "NLP, the mind, health, the body & nutrition".


In the sessions, you learn the 4 critical things affecting everyone in work life to have:


- High energy

- Passion for your work

- Low stress

- A balanced lifestyle.

Entertaining and fun for all:

At Quantum Wellness & Quantum Evolution we understand this more than anyone. If you want everyone to really love your event, then a good laugh is essential and in actual fact necessary for the full learning experience. While our messages are motivational and inspirational.... we makes them fun, entertaining and will include lots of humor if you desire. With plenty of light-hearted antidotes you will be assured that everyone will not only leave with practical ways to improve their performance, but will also have a good time & really enjoy the whole event.

Discover more with these new event subjects:


• How to think & eat to increase your energy & vitality.
• How appreciation & gratitude is scientifically healthier than any diet or exercise regime.
• Conscious relaxation & rejuvenation techniques for less stress & more relaxed clear thinking.
• How the way we think governs peak performance, nutrition, sleep & rejuvenation.
• How to stay well despite high work demands and a hectic lifestyle.
• How to  communicate more effectively.
• Asking the right questions to get the response you're looking for.


These are our most popular presentations:


• Peak Performance and Wellness in the workplace.
• The Mind Body Connection: “Our thoughts & Emotions play vital role in our overall  wellbeing.
• Stress, the indicator of what and how we think.
• Nutrition, emotion and brain function.
• Nutritional imbalances that cause fatigue and depression.
• Beta to alpha for Peak Learning and Wellbeing.
• Rules for engagement for more effective communications.



"I had only heard how inspirational the speakers from Quantum Wellness were. It wasn't until I attended an event about health & wellbeing that I realized what a gift this organisation had given me in helping me with my wellness". Thanks Guys.

Kelly Terizakis, Raising Eyebrows Marketing


"I was so impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and passion for wellness & health I hired them for my next event".

Paul Lacy Managing Director of Kikki.k


"The team at Quantum Evolution are those type of presenters that take your delegates further than the rest when comes to understanding the deeper issues about performance in the workplace & wellness. There ability to take extremely complicated subjects & make them, fun, interesting and easy to apply in your daily life still astounds me. I've seen the Quantum Wellness team present a number of times now and still can't believe how unique their presentations are compared to others".

Denis Preston Managing Director of UNAC


Presentation Fees:


At Quantum Wellness we set fees moderately to give as many groups as possible the opportunity to hear our presenters. While your exact investment depends on things like the location & duration of your session, at Quantum Wellness we always look at ways make ourselves available to all groups.

Your 100% $$ Back Guarantee:

Knowing the difficulties of getting 'just the right speaker' for your event, and having successfully presented to all types of groups around Australia for over 15 years, we happily guarantee all our talks. While we have never been asked to refund money before, if at least 70% of your group do not find our session 'highly valuable & highly enjoyable', we will happily refund the talk payment in full - no questions asked.

Interested in More Information:

If you are interested in our fees and /availability and or would like information on any of the list above  simply go to our contact page and complete your request. Please note any information you provide will be treated strictly as 'no obligation' and will only be used to give you the information you want.


Alternatively, if you would like to talk directly with us, please call us now. Please note that we respect your privacy & time. You can call our office phone during business hours on 02 47349010.


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