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In conjunction with Australia's leading manufacturer of "Practitioners Only" alternative health supplements, Quantum Evolution offers our clients an opportunity to participate in a Wellness Questionnaire which unsurpassed in its ability to piece together the clues that your body is giving about your state of wellbeing and health. It provides an accurate holistic look at you current health with you answers being evaluated referencing the latest research to assist you with your wellbeing.

This health questionnaire pulls together extraordinary amounts of information, connections, studies and real-world experience which are applied to each and every case that it encounters. In short, it is about "connecting the dots" between many clues to give you a clear picture of your health.

The Health Questionnaire will benefit anyone who:

  Seeks to benefit from the knowledge of more than one professional.
  Feels there are things wrong but can't identify their nature or cause.
  Is seeking natural alternatives to their health.
  Desires taking personal responsibility for their future health & well being.
  Seeking accurate recommendations in regards to natural health supplements.

In short, your responses to the multiple-choice questionnaire are translated into an analysis of your health that is based on statistical probabilities as well as the personal evaluation by one of our qualified health care practitioners. The questionnaire will identify what requires attention and indicates natural treatments that have benefited others in a similar situation.

It is important to note that the questionnaire is about looking at the entire health spectrum rather than for one specific ailment. The survey asks questions about you and your entire body. The "Health Questionnaire" is unique in that it delivers comprehensive detailed information to those seeking a greater depth of understanding to their general wellbeing & health. This leads to improved choices and more informed decisions. All the strategies are based on researched from alternative health studies.



The service provided by Quantum Evolution Pty Ltd and Quantum Wellness is no substitute for a visit with a Medical Practitioner. Our wellness questionnaire highlights actual health imbalances & may suggest natural supplements & diets that have been successfully used by others with similar conditions.


For further details please contact Quantum Wellness via the contact us page of this web site (A fee of $45.00 applies to all health survey evaluations and must be paid prior to the assessment).


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