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We recommend these companies, organisations and individuals because we believe in the integrity of the services they provide, the passion they express in their work and the genuine commitment to customer service. We are therefore confident to announce our preferred partners to you as companies of integrity, highest standards, and client focus. We endorse them because they are the best in the market at what they do:


Australian Traditional Medicine Society


The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) is Australia's largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners which represents approximately 65% of the total complementary medicine professionals in Australia. It is the largest professional association of massage therapists, herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and nutritionists and the second largest professional association of acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists. Professional membership to the ATMS indicates that a practitioner has passed all the necessary exams and entry criteria for registration to practice as a registered practitioner.



Natural Therapy Pages


On the Natural Therapy Pages site you can find comprehensive descriptions and articles of interest about many of the natural therapies available in Australia. Together with this you can find information out about supplements, suppliers, practitioners and many other services. Outlined on the site are general therapy descriptions, the illnesses that they help and what to expect in a typical treatment session.


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