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"Finding the correct balance for you mineral intake"

Both vitamins and minerals are absolutely vital for good health. They are found in a variety of foods. A reliable way to meet your requirements is to eat a properly balanced diet with a wide variety of foods. Vitamins and minerals are considered coenzymes because they assist the enzymes in the body in carrying out all of the daily activities as efficiently as possible. Being regarded as macronutrients, vitamins and minerals are needed by our body in small amounts. This is different than nutrients that we need in larger amounts like proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


As important as vitamins are, they can do nothing for you without minerals. Vitamins cannot be assimilated without the aid of minerals. And though the body can manufacture a few vitamins, it cannot manufacture a single mineral. All tissues and internal fluids of our body contain varying quantities of minerals. Minerals are constituents of the bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood, and nerve cells. They are vital to overall mental and physical well-being. Minerals act as catalysts for many biological reactions within the body, including muscle response, the transmission of messages through the nervous system, the production of hormones, digestion, and the utilization of nutrients in foods.


Many vitamins and minerals are considered antioxidants that help to prevent some cancers and degenerative diseases. It has been proven that we need to intake adequate amounts of these substances in order to have optimum health and to ward off illnesses. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to eat such a well balanced diet that provides the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is necessary to take a mineral and vitamin supplement that provides the additional essential elements needed to maintain optimum health and vitality.

Dead Sea Minerals


Minerals from the Dead Sea have long been used for both their therapeutic and cosmetic value. The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea’s raw materials on the skin and their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers have been known for many centuries. The uniqueness of many Dead Sea cosmetic lines lies in the principal component – mineral mud. The water and mud subsequently have high concentrations of charged ions and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, and bromide. Dead Sea mud rich in minerals with similar chemical composition to Dead Sea waters can either be applied to the entire body or just parts, and is also popular as a facial mud masque. These facial mud masques have a powerful stimulating, tightening, cleansing and invigorating, leaving the skin with a refreshing glow.


Facial mud masques from the Dead Sea come in various strengths of mud and salinity, making them suitable for different skin types including oily, normal and dry skins. The use of Dead Sea bath salts is an effective way to relax and absorb the minerals of the Dead Sea. It is also highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension or for simply relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience. The Dead Sea mud is excellent for softening scaly, dry parts of the body, such as knees and elbows and it is also highly effective for various skin and scalp problems. Used on the scalp, it helps thicken roots enhancing renewed growth.

Shampoos produced from the minerals of the Dead Sea, condition, cleanse and refresh hair and scalp and are available for dry / normal or oily hair types. There is also a special anti-dandruff shampoo containing unique ingredients from the Dead Sea. The range of skin care products includes Dead Sea cleansers, Dead Sea nourishing cream, Dead Sea moisturizers, Dead Sea foot cream, Dead Sea hand cream, Dead Sea eye make-up remover, Dead Sea skin toners, Dead Sea astringents, Dead Sea face wash, Dead Sea spot treatment, Dead Sea bath and shower gel, Dead Sea stabilizing ampoules, Dead Sea sun protection creams, and Dead Sea soaps.

Moreover, the Dead Sea salts and mud have therapeutic properties that are highly beneficial for healthy skin as well as medical conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The skin readily absorbs many of the minerals on contact. Thus, ions and high concentrations of minerals influence cellular growth and metabolism. The effects are far reaching as the skin is stimulated, nourished and well hydrated. The results are impressive with skin that feels softer and healthier.

Sea Minerals

With regard to the fact that our oceans are self cleansing, sea minerals extracted from deep in the ocean are non-toxic for human, plant and animal consumption. The toxic metals in our waters are generally washed to the bottom of the ocean. By bounty of the oceans we are indicating substances like minerals and micro minerals, essential major and minor minerals alike to build healthy internal and external structure. The correct environment, such as the environment found in the mineral rich oceans, are absolutely necessary for all of us to maintain and to keep all our operating systems running smoothly.

Sea minerals in their ionic form are always in solution in water when applied for nutritional uses. Absolutely essential to human is the mineral solution found in our deep oceans. In fact our blood is so close to the waters of our oceans that it is a perfect fit for our daily consumption.

There are also minerals derived from sea plants. All of the minerals required by human beings, including calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron, and zinc are present in sufficient amounts, for example, in seaweeds. Edible plants from the sea also contain important vitamins including vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), B1, B2,

B6, niacin, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. Analysis has shown trace amounts of vitamin B12, which rarely occurs in land vegetables.

Besides their impressive nutritional profile, high quality sea vegetables, which are rich in minerals, offer other important health benefits. Sea vegetables have been shown to cleanse the body of toxic pollutants. Specifically, scientific research has demonstrated that these plants, which are abundant in alginic acid, bind with any heavy metals in the intestines, render them indigestible, and cause them to be eliminated from the body. For centuries, Oriental medicine has recognized that a high mineral content in sea vegetables contributes to general well being and especially to the health of the endocrine and nervous systems. Consequently, people living in areas where sea vegetables are regularly included in the diet tend to live longer, healthier lives.

Food Minerals

In order to function properly, our body needs 15 minerals. The ones needed in large amounts are calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The body also needs smaller amounts of magnesium, aluminium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc, chloride, potassium and sodium.

Vitamins and minerals are needed for growth and good health. The vitamins and minerals you need are found in the food you eat. It’s important to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. Some food is enriched. This means that vitamins or minerals were added. As a matter of fact, vitamins are chemical compounds and minerals are chemical elements. They are nutrients for the human body that are contained within food substances. Minerals are needed for several body functions including building strong bones, transmitting nerve signals, maintaining a normal heart beat, and are used to produce necessary hormones.

Each vitamin and mineral substance meets specific body needs that one of the other compounds cannot substitute or act for instead. However the lack or deficiency of one of them can sometimes interfere with another vitamin or mineral’s function. If a vitamin or mineral deficiency continues, the person can incur some disease. On the other hand, too much of some minerals and vitamins brings on a toxic condition. The best and recommended way for a healthy person to obtain needed vitamins and minerals is to eat well-balanced meals. A daily diet of varied foods can provide needed vitamin and mineral nutrients for maintaining a healthy body. Some people also take processed or manufactured vitamins in pill, liquid, or capsule form.

Chelated Minerals

“Chelated” initially means “firmly attached”, usually to an amino acid or other organic component so that the two do not disassociate in the digestive system. Put differently, a metallic mineral is “chelated” with an amino acid. The amino acid actually surrounds the metallic mineral like a claw and thereby helps to carry it, making the “mineral chelate” more bio-available or useful to the body. Examples of chelated minerals are the magnesium aspartate (magnesium chelated with the natural aspartic acid) and chromium picolinate (chromium chelated with picolinic acid). In many cases, chelated minerals are about 40% more efficient in regards to absorption and assimilation into the body than metallic minerals.

Most mineral supplements occur as compounds, such as magnesium citrate or calcium carbonate—and each mineral may appear in several different forms. Some dietary supplement are sold as “chelated” minerals, which are claimed to be better absorbed by the body. It is believed by some that chelated minerals are better absorbed than non-chelated minerals. There may be certain minerals, e.g., trivalent chromium and zinc, where this is possibly the case. However, in most cases chelated and non-chelated minerals are absorbed with equivalent efficiency.

Chelated minerals are becoming more commonly used ingredients. Minerals that are chelated are connected to an organic molecule such as a protein. The chemical arrangement between the mineral and the organic molecule is stable and prevents interactions that can render the nutrient useless. Properly developing products that are formulated with chelated minerals takes into consideration the situations when these ingredients work the best.

Chelated minerals are a good way to insure that people receive the proper levels of valuable dietary minerals under various complex situations. For example, those who obtain chelated forms of minerals possess immune systems that respond more vigorously to pathogenic challenges than those not given chelated minerals. Chelated minerals are utilized better than other sources of minerals and thus can benefit individuals suffering from digestive dysfunctions. Moreover, chelated minerals have been shown to aid in the rapid repair of the bone tissue.

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